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Geoservice API

The Geoservice API is a RESTful web service interface to the NYC Department of City Planning’s core Geosupport system. Geosupport is a geocoding system used by NYC government. Geosupport provides coordinate and geographic attributes for supported input locations (address, intersection, blockface, BIN, BBL). Geoservice exposes all the Geosupport functions through simple and easy to use REST representations.

How to use Geoservice API

Each URL accepts some parameters; for example, Borough={Borough} where Borough is the name of the parameter and {Borough} is the value assigned to Borough. Acceptable borough values


For the complete accepted parameters, refer to each function page, and to assign proper values to each parameter, refer to the User Programming Guide (UPG).

Display Format DisplayFormat

Each URL has an optional DisplayFormat parameter. By default, this parameter is set to true, which returns a beautified version of GeoX. To return the raw data i.e. Work Area 1 and Work Area 2, set this parameter to false.

Supported Functions

Type Description Geosupport Function
Address Given a valid address, provides property-level information. 1A
Address Given a valid address, provides blockface-level, property-level, and political information. 1B
Address Given a valid address, provides blockface-level and political information. 1E
Address Given a valid address, provides geographical information. Function AP only recognizes posted addresses. AP
Intersection Given a valid borough and cross streets, or node id, returns information for the point defined by the two streets. 2
Street Given a valid borough, "on street" and cross streets provides blockface-level information. 3
Street Stretch Given a valid borough, "on street" and optional cross streets, provides a list of cross streets and their information. 3S
BBL Given a valid borough, block, and lot provides property-level information. BL
BIN Given a valid building identification number provides property-level information. BN
Name/Code Given a borough and street name, provides B10SC and street information 1N
Name/Code Given a B5SC, or B7SC, or B10SC, returns associated street name and B10SC. If B5SC is entered, the Primary street name is returned, along with its B10SC. If B7SC is entered, the Principal street name is returned, along with its B10SC. D
Name/Code Given a borough and a street name, returns that street name with its B10SC code, as well as the next nine street names alphabetically from the Street Name Dictionary. BF
Normalize Inputs Given a street name, provides the normalized format for that street name N
Normalize Inputs Given an address number, provides the normalized format for that address number 1L
Version Info Provides version data for Geoservice files HR

Example Calls

Function Example
1A https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_1A?Borough=1&AddressNo=120&StreetName=bwy&Key=Key
1B https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_1B?Borough=1&AddressNo=120&StreetName=bwy&Key=Key
1E https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_1E?Borough=1&AddressNo=120&StreetName=bwy&Key=Key
AP https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_AP?Borough=1&AddressNo=120&StreetName=bwy&Key=Key
2 https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_2?Borough1=1&Street1=bwy&Borough2=1&Street2=cedar&key=Key https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_2_NodeID?nodeID=9035568&DisplayFormat=false&Key=Key
3 https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_3?Borough1=1&OnStreet=bwy&SecondCrossStreet=cedar&Borough2=1&FirstCrossStreet=thames&Borough3=1&key=Key
3S https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_3S?Borough=1&OnStreet=BWY&FirstCrossStreet=Cedar&SecondCrossStreet=thames&key=Key
BL https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_BBL?Borough=1&Block=47&Lot=7501&key=Key
BN https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_BIN?BIN=1001026&key=Key
1N https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_1N?Borough=1&StreetName=bwy&key=Key
D https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_D?B10sc1=11361001&key=Key
BF https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_BF?Borough=1&StreetName=bwy&key=Key
N https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_N?StreetName=bwy&key=Key
1L https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_1L?AddressNo=120&key=Key
HR https://geoservice.planning.nyc.gov/geoservice/geoservice.svc/Function_HR?&DisplayFormat=false&key=Key

Supported Response Type